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A growing number of people value alternative ways of addressing conflict. Join us as a supportive organization, a mediator, or a student. Learn how.

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President’s Welcome


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Washington Mediation Association and all of our members, welcome to the WMA website! We are the premier network of mediation providers in the state and the foremost promoter of mediation. Our mission is to advance the use of mediation as an effective form of dispute resolution and to serve as the hub for all that is mediation related in the State of Washington. Smart consumers know that confidentiality, maintaining control of outcomes and feeling a sense of fairness throughout the mediation process contributes to the probability of finding answers to disputes, preserving relationships, empowering both parties and building empathy.

Are you looking for a mediator? Visit our Find a Mediator page and match their location and areas of focus with your concerns.

WMA is at the forefront of the field by offering Mediator WMA Certification. Find out more.

Are you a mediator looking for professional development opportunities? Visit our Training Page to see what’s being offered around the state. Go to our LinkedIn page to network with other mediators.

Again, thank you for visiting and feel free to leave a note or a question on the Contact Us page.

All the best,

Courtney Kaylor
Warren Olson
Ryan Vancil
Co-Presidents, WMA

WMA at Your Service


As a professional organization, WMA serves to support mediators as well as to promote mediation to the entire state of Washington. Our goal is for all of your questions to be answered on our website.

We are actively seeking to expand our membership so that we reflect the diverse members of the communities we serve. It is our goal to ensure that all people have equal access to mediation.

We are proud that our members and mediators reflect many professional backgrounds. This brings a richness of perspective to our networking gatherings and trainings as well as our presence at the mediation table. A broad awareness of the diverse ways that humans experience and make meaning of life enhances our mediation skills. WMA is at the forefront of the field by offering Mediator WMA Certification to ensure consistent quality in the mediation experience. Visit our Find a Mediator page to match a certified mediator with your needs.

Membership Today


WMA has a growing list of members that support skilled and effective ways of navigating through conflict. Members may be in private practice, may volunteer for Dispute Resolution centers around the state, and/or may use their skills in other fields altogether. Members value adding their voice to the growing number of people that realize that there are alternative ways of addressing conflict. Visit our Membership page to view current members. Join us!


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