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2020 WMA Fall Conference

The Washington Mediation Association offers a Fall Conference each year in October. The conference was first called an “Unconference” with the goal to bring participants together in an unstructured environment and with their peers, brainstorm answers to the questions of the day. This event has evolved into a full day seminar. A panel of experienced mediators provide new ideas and information in the morning. In the afternoon, participants return to the unconference format to discuss ideas of all kinds in a peer-to-peer setting. The novel corona virus upended WMA’s plan to host an in-person conference on October 15, 2020. Since the theme of this year’s conference is 2020 Vision: Innovations in Mediation, it seemed only fitting to embark on a quest to make this year’s conference virtual but still interactive. The WMA is working to make our first virtual conference a reality. Join us and make history!

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Mediator's Cafe

The debut session of the Mediator’s Café took place on Friday, May 15th: Mediation in the Time of COVID. Twenty-nine Member mediators from around the state and as far away as Idaho and Mexico met in a Zoom video conference to discuss meditating while quarantined. Read more about this on the News/Blog page. In this month’s Café, the subject is The Human Touch: Trust, Empathy, and Rapport in Online Mediation Members can join Noam Ebner and Jim Saunders for an engaging discussion on bringing the mediator’s human touch into the online environment of remote mediation. In the November Café, Michelle Hansen will present: How Mediators' and Clients' Backgrounds and Cultures Intersect, a discussion on how the western bias of mediation process can affect mediations, how assumptions about background and culture can affect mediations, and striving to interpret clients’ visual and verbal cues correctly, taking into account their cultural context.<br />


About WMA

WMA is a state wide professional organization of mediators that includes Independent mediators, attorneys, volunteers, and organizations. Members advocate for the use of mediation as a powerful conflict resolution tool and support each other’s efforts to continually improve the quality and usefulness of mediation.

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WMA maintains a trademarked certification program to help the public find highly qualified mediators and understand how mediation works. To identify important factors related to choosing a mediator see our Choosing Mediation with discussion about the process and identifying what you may need. Decide on which mediator by searching our member listings in Find a Mediator.

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