Annual Award Recipients

WMA Annual Awards 2024

Rookie of the Year
Mia Gover
“An up-and-coming mediator who is certified by the WMA, a Dispute Resolution Center or similar mediation organization who is already having a positive impact to the field of mediation and conflict resolution”.

Mia Gover was instrumental in creating and managing conflict resolution services for the Eviction Resolution Pilot Program in Whatcom County. As ERPP sunsetted, Mia continued to lead the transition to voluntary Housing Stability conflict services. Along with her leadership of our Housing Stability team and compassionate service to clients, Mia has provided vision for outreach. She continually thinks of creative ways to increase awareness of housing-related conflict services in our county, forging relationships and piloting presentations and trainings for tenants, housing providers, and other housing-related service agencies. Her ear is always to the ground listening for emerging needs that we might meet, expanding and deepening our connections to our community.


Felicia Staub
“Someone who made a significant impact and raised awareness of the field”.

Please consider this my nomination of Felicia Staub for WMA’s 2024 Champion.  For over 20 years, Felicia’s professional and personal commitment to the art of mediation has made a significant impact and raised awareness of the field of mediation and conflict resolution. Felicia worked diligently to coordinate the monthly WMA Cafes which are now in demand by both those wishing to present and those wishing to participate. Through her workshops, program and event coordination, “gatherings”, published articles, media postings, professional involvements she has caused significant exploration and discovery for her students and interns, colleagues, those exploring the field of mediation, and those she serves. Felicia has developed an approach that spotlights “things that make you go hmmm…”  and that challenge and expand the conversation and discovery of concepts, knowledge, and understanding of the art of mediation. We are fortunate to have her in a leadership position with the WMA and as a practitioner and educator in the State of Washington.


Distinguished Service
Alan Kirtley
 “Someone whose dedication to the field of mediation and conflict resolution has been longstanding and who has provided an inspirational role model to their peers”.

Alan Kirtley’s dedication to the field of mediation and conflict resolution has been long-standing, and he has provided an inspirational role model to their peers, as noted below:
Alan is an Emeritus Associate Professor of Law at the University of Washington School of Law and founding director of its Clinical Law Program. He received both his BA and JD degrees from Indiana University in Bloomington. He has been a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School and Ohio State University College of Law. Alan was an academic advisor to the national drafting committee of the Uniform Mediation Act (“UMA”), a project of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and the Dispute Resolution Section of the American Bar Association. He was instrumental in the passage of the UMA in Washington State. Once the UMA became law, he authored the User’s Guide to Washington’s Uniform Mediation Act to help the state’s DRC community implement the new statute. Alan co-founded both the Northwest ADR Conference and the Northwest Clinical Teachers Conference. He has served as Chair of the Washington State Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section and was the 2011 national Chair of the Section on Clinical Legal Education of the Association of American Law Schools.  He currently serves on the Board of the King County Dispute Resolution Center. He has shared his mediation insights with us for years.

President’s Award
Gini Ann Davis

Gini Ann Davis is WMA member and a mediator with the Dispute Resolution Center of Snohomish, Island, & Skagit Counties. She’s mediated there since training at Antioch University and at the DRC, achieving certification in 2010. Gini Ann comes from a strong faith background and sees it as her job to help people. At the heart of this for her is wanting to help heal the violent situations we create. She was drawn to mediation as the means for this. Gini Ann particularly loves working with conflicting parties in a faith context and helping conflict situations that affect children. Gini Ann is a tremendously valuable mediator for the DRC of Snohomish, Island, & Skagit Counties, mediating all kinds of cases, coaching mocks at DRC trainings, and mentoring practicum students. She also presents the occasional in-service, like one coming up on parental alienation. Gini Ann is dedicated to continuing her learning and the learning of her colleagues and often shares fantastic educational resources with others. She is an inspiration and an incredible role model. Gini Ann’s own words demonstrate her heart and her value as a mediator: “Sometimes there are human moments of profound healing and kindness. What we are capable of – how we can love each other so profoundly or give each other that gift of forgiveness – is so intriguing to me. I hold hope that these human moments will happen. It’s miraculous. That’s where I want to live, reminding people of that kindness. If we can create the possibility, what will happen? We get to see people love each other in so many ways.” The way Gini Ann navigates through mediations, trainings, in-services, and other DRC activities, always working to share her considerable skills and encouraging students and other mediators to learn makes her 13-year service very distinguished indeed. Thank you, Gini Ann, for all you do in mediation. You deserve this President’s Award.


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WMA Annual Awards 2019

Champion Award:
Patrick Cockrill
Sallie Cockrill

“Someone who has made a significant impact and is raising awareness of the field of Mediation and conflict resolution.”

Nominated on the basis of their contributions as a team to teaching, and developing materials for teaching, mediation as well as mentoring mediators, fundraising, bringing mediation to vulnerable populations, workplace mediation, and victim offender mediation, among other examples of support for the Champion Award.  Apparently they remain a resource for helping mediators.  We were inspired to read in the nomination materials of all that they have done for mediation over such a long period of time.

Distinguished Service:
Michael Boughton

“Someone whose dedication to the field of Mediation and conflict resolution has been long-standing and has provided an inspirational role model to their peers. “

Nominated on the basis of the many many cases he has mediated, the manner in which he mediates (non judgmental no matter what being mentioned among others) and his work on training, certifying, and mentoring mediators through their practicums, for being the “go-to” mediator for cases no one else was able to do, as well as being in inspiration for the many mediators he has worked with.

Rookie of the Year:

No Nominees in 2019

“Someone who is up and coming and is already having a positive impact to the field of Mediation and conflict resolution.”

President’s Award:
Sarah Augustine

Nominated by WMA Board

Nominated for (in part) the work she has done with her Community Response Teams.  I have chosen you for this award on the basis of what I consider to be the very important work of bringing dispute resolution to the community in new ways that will have folks thinking of mediation and the communication skills we use first thing in a conflict situation.  Two things struck me in your work, 1) the incorporation of elected of officials, law enforcement, neighborhood activists and students to offer active listening, meditation and conflict resolutions strategies and 2) the fact that this is deployed immediately in a conflict situation, in the face of a crisis.  I applaud your work!

Marcus Lang, President 2019