Annual Award Recipients

WMA Annual Awards 2019


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Champion Award:
Patrick Cockrill
Sallie Cockrill

“Someone who has made a significant impact and is raising awareness of the field of Mediation and conflict resolution.”

Nominated on the basis of their contributions as a team to teaching, and developing materials for teaching, mediation as well as mentoring mediators, fundraising, bringing mediation to vulnerable populations, workplace mediation, and victim offender mediation, among other examples of support for the Champion Award.  Apparently they remain a resource for helping mediators.  We were inspired to read in the nomination materials of all that they have done for mediation over such a long period of time.

Distinguished Service:
Michael Boughton

“Someone whose dedication to the field of Mediation and conflict resolution has been long-standing and has provided an inspirational role model to their peers. “

Nominated on the basis of the many many cases he has mediated, the manner in which he mediates (non judgmental no matter what being mentioned among others) and his work on training, certifying, and mentoring mediators through their practicums, for being the “go-to” mediator for cases no one else was able to do, as well as being in inspiration for the many mediators he has worked with.

Rookie of the Year:

No Nominees in 2019

“Someone who is up and coming and is already having a positive impact to the field of Mediation and conflict resolution.”

President’s Award:
Sarah Augustine

Nominated by WMA Board

Nominated for (in part) the work she has done with her Community Response Teams.  I have chosen you for this award on the basis of what I consider to be the very important work of bringing dispute resolution to the community in new ways that will have folks thinking of mediation and the communication skills we use first thing in a conflict situation.  Two things struck me in your work, 1) the incorporation of elected of officials, law enforcement, neighborhood activists and students to offer active listening, meditation and conflict resolutions strategies and 2) the fact that this is deployed immediately in a conflict situation, in the face of a crisis.  I applaud your work!

Marcus Lang, President 2019