Past WMA Annual Award Recipients

WMA Annual Awards 2018

Champion Award:
Astrid Aveledo

“Someone who has made a significant impact and is raising awareness of the field of Mediation and conflict resolution.”

Astrid Aveledo is working tirelessly to reach out the Latino and Native American communities in Grey’s Harbor and Pacific Counties. She is the Executive Director of that DRC. These are challenging projects for her DRC because the communities have been traditionally underserved. Her Spanish language internship in the Latino community is highly innovative in reaching out to high schoolers who are more receptive to using mediation. Her partnership with the Quinault Tribe is making headway in reaching families who need help. Astrid is truly a champion for WMA and for what we stand for.


Distinguished Service:
Mary Hancock and Henri McClenney

“Someone whose dedication to the field of Mediation and conflict resolution has been long-standing and has provided an inspirational role model to their peers. “

 Mary Hancock

Mary Hancock is Executive Director of the DRC of Kitsap County, Washington State, and plays a lead role on the Legislative Committee for Resolution Washington. This Committee works tirelessly and effectively to secure financial support for DRCs state-wide in a time of diminishing resources.

Mary’s dedicated attention to mediation is exemplary. Her caring, attentiveness, and skill permeate the staff and impact her many collaborations with community partners. Mary consistently reflects openness and receptivity to new ideas and input, and infects all those she touches with her passion for conflict engagement. Mary continues to build the vibrancy of the DRC passionately, knowledgeably, and persistently.

Henri McClenney

Henri has had a strong, direct impact on mediators and the mediation models used by King County and the City of Seattle, and an indirect impact on mediators and models used elsewhere in the region. Henri has been instrumental with bringing the Social Justice Mediation Institute to the region several times since 2007, and has co-led anti-racism trainings such as “Understanding Institutionalized Racism”, “When Race is the Issue”, and “Cultural Competency” trainings for mediators continuously since 2006.  Henri has played a key role in helping recruit new Mediators of Color to the profession, and has helped other mediators to offset the institutional inequalities they will otherwise replicate in the mediation room without this knowledge base and training.


Rookie of the Year:
No Nominees in 2018

“Someone who is up and coming and is already having a positive impact to the field of Mediation and conflict resolution.”


President’s Award:
Jennie Lou Shirer

Nominated by WMA Board

Jennie Lou has been an instructor for mediation trainings, as well as Settlement Conference Coordinator at the Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution. With WMA, she has provided an invaluable bedrock support for an organization that sees a constant turnover of volunteer personnel. She provides the glue, the history, the stability and ever-patient presence in both calm and tumultuous times. The WMA Board doesn’t know where the organization would be without her.

Annual Awards 2017


President’s Award

Linda Waters


Distinguished Service Award

Laurie Law


Champion Honorees

Nancy Maisano


Rookie of the Year Honorees

Anne-Marie Sargent
Luke Wiesner


Annual Awards 2016


President’s Award

Courtney Kaylor


Distinguished Service Award

Ann McBroom


Champion Award

Warren Olson


Rookie of the Year Award

Ivy Roberts


Annual Awards 2013


President’s Award

M. J. Redman


Excellence in Mediation

Polly Davis


Diversity Development

Maria Victoria


Lifetime Service

William Lincoln


Annual Awards 2012


Jumping in with Both Feet

Vivian Scott


Diversity Development

City of Seattle ADR Program’s Race and Social Justice Steering Committee:
Dane Keehn
Vivien Sharples
Charlie Cox
Paula Harris-White
Marcella Wilson
Henri McClenny
Michael Chin


Technology Integration

Jeff Bean


Public Education and Promotion of Mediation

Sarah Bergdahl


State of the Art

Senator Adam Kline
Representative Tina Orwall
Bruce Neas


Pioneering Resilience

Alan Alhadeff


Annual Awards 2011


Jumping in with Both Feet

Felicia Staub


Excellence in Mediation

David Docter


Diversity Development

Anahi Macchiavelli de Perez


Technology Integration

Sue Ann Allen
Melinda Branscomb


Public Education and Promotion of Mediation

John Nemes


State of the Art

Andrew Kidde


Pioneering Resilience

Ann McBroom


Lifetime Achievement

Evan Ferber


2010 Mediator of the Year

Chris Koser


2009 President’s Award

John Fowler


2008 President’s Award

Lars Watson


2007 President’s Award

Matt Fairbank


2006 President’s Award

Debbie Nelson


2005 President’s Award

Nicholas Wagner


2004 President’s Award

Cathy Goldman


2003 President’s Award

Marci Burkel