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The following directory contains a list of available individual WMA Members and Member Organizations. Please scroll down for more information.

WMA-Certified Mediators are indicated by the gold box with the diploma icon as shown above. Certified mediators have elected to meet extensive educational and experience requirements set by WMA; they voluntarily agree to abide by Standards of Practice.

Each member is provided an opportunity to describe their practice in their own words. WMA does not verify the mediator’s claims of specialization or expertise and urges those seeking a mediator to further vet candidates for experience and other qualifications relevant to their needs.

WMA makes no claims or warranty regarding the quality of service practitioners provide.  You may wish to inquire of the mediator regarding insurance coverage.

The search box below allows potential clients to enter terms they believe will be helpful in selecting a mediator.  Affiliations or Certification may be a factor.  See our web page Choosing Mediation for a discussion of other factors that may be important to a particular situation.