Marketing Advice

The WMA web site provides an entry point for the public to find mediation services. To use the metaphor of a market place – consumers are attracted if it has many vendors, lots of information, and colorful and attractive merchandizing. Any vendor operating alone is less likely to be successful than those who band together and compete. Similar principles apply to the WMA web site as a market place for mediators. The “Find a Mediator” information displayed is from the Membership Application. Consider the following related to your “Find a Mediator” presence on the site:

Make contact information available

WMA will list all members by name, city, and state. We would encourage additional contact information like phone, mail or e-mail. Consider setting up a mediation e-mail address if you don’t want to use a personal one. Checking or unchecking the box on the Membership Application will change the information displayed. Volunteers who only want to be contacted through their DRC should consult with the DRC about using the Center’s contact information.

Mediators Description of Practice

This is your opportunity to briefly share your background, specializations, and expertise. The write up is searchable through the Find a Mediator search function. The space is limited since most consumers are only looking for brief descriptions at this point. Share educational achievements and experience. Look over the Choosing Mediation WMA page and find terms that consumers may use to search. Be sure to include key terms in your description.


For many consumers knowing with whom you are associated and how can help them decide if you are appropriate for their needs. List educational institutions, volunteer and professional organizations, board and officer positions, business associations. Listing something like WMA Board Member communicates a great deal about your commitment to promoting mediation.

Include a Picture

You don’t need a professional portrait, a good selfie will do and is easy to take and include. Check the web for some hints (use outdoor light, light from below, take lots, choose best, etc). Today's cell phone cameras make this easy, quick, and hassle free. People love to see who you are.

Set up a Web Site

Developments in software make having a web page easier than ever before. Here is where your personality and compelling information can make you shine. Be sure to link to your site from the WMA Find a Mediator.

WMA promotes mediation; you need to promote yourself as a mediator. The more mediators share about themselves the more everyone will benefit.