Certification Process & Fees

Once the Qualifications Committee Chair receives the application, s/he will initiate a standardized check-off sheet to measure the applicant’s training, case practice, and additional experience or study. Applications will then be mailed to another member of the WMA Qualifications Committee for a full review to help ensure that the standards are applied fairly and consistently. If necessary, the Chair may contact the applicant for clarification or further information.

The estimated timeframe to review a complete application, and provide an acceptance or rejection response back to the applicant is one to two months from the date the Qualifications Committee Chair receives the application or further information, if requested. Email notification will be sent to an applicant once the Qualification Committee Chair receives the application. Every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to the estimated timeframe, however it is not guaranteed.

Applicants are requested to submit materials in the format detailed in the WMA Certification Application Packet. Applications submitted that do not follow the format or are incomplete may not be considered by the Qualifications Committee. An email will be sent to the applicant notifying him/her regarding the status of the application.

If the application meets all the standards as determined by the Qualifications Committee, the applicant is issued a certificate. If the application is denied, the applicant is notified with an explanation and is encouraged to re-apply when WMA standards can be met. The applicant may appeal the denial of an application. Upon appeal, the application is passed on to the Appeals Panel.

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WMA Appeals Process

A WMA Appeals Panel is a volunteer panel of three Certified Members in good standing appointed by the Ethics Committee. More than one Appeals Panel may operate concurrently on separate appeals. The Appeals Panel reviews all appealed applications. An Appeals Panel reviews an application and either recommends approval or denial and may make recommendations for ways to rectify the deficiencies.

Certification Fees

Initial Certification $100.00

Certification Renewal (included in certified member mediator annual fee)
(every 2 years)

Fees will be deposited upon receipt. If certification is not granted or the applicant withdraws the application for certification, $50 of the application fee will be retained and the remainder will be refunded.

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Learn more in the WMA Certified Member Mediator Application (DOCX)