WMA Award Nominations Sought!

WMA Award Nominations Sought!

WMA Annual Awards

Know a fabulous mediator?  WMA will be recognizing outstanding mediators in the following categories at its 2014 annual meeting.

  • Rising Stars in Mediation.  Awarded for excellence and contributions to the field by mediators early in their mediation careers.
  • Diversity Development.  Awarded for comprehensive and effective efforts in reaching out to diverse communities.
  • Public Education and Promotion of Mediation.  Awarded for educating and promoting the use of mediation to the public.
  • Excellence in Mediation.  Awarded for the promotion and practice of excellence in mediation, exemplifying the application of thought that is at the forefront of the mediation field.
  • Community or Lifetime Service.  Awarded for significant contributions to the field of mediation throughout the recipient’s career.
  • Did we miss a category?  Write one in!

Send nominations to WMA at admin@washingtonmediation.org by February 7.  Tell us who you are nominating, for what category, and why.


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